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BillericaRotary@gmail.comThank you for visiting and participating in our Light Up Rotary fundraiser. The object is simple. We are bringing awareness to the work we do both locally and internationally, and that requires resources.

If you have been "Lit Up" with our yard signs, we ask for you to contribute $25.00 to Billerica Rotary for our charitable work. You can save $5 by nominating 5 other local homeowners to be "Lit Up". This is a harmless and fun way to let your neighbors and friends know that you support Rotary International and the work we do.

Clicking here you can pay to remove signs from your lawn, remove signs and nominate others by emailing us, or buy insurance to not be "Lit Up"

or if you prefer to send a check by mail, make your check payable to "Billerica Rotary" and mail to PO Box 548, Billerica MA 01821

To communicate with us or nominate families to be "Lit Up", simply email us at